Thursday, March 14, 2013


All the photographs in this collection have been taken underwater but not showing any sings of unnaturalness or stress on the part of the duo. Their wedding is celebrated underwater in its full-blooded vibrancy.

1) Picture one bust size underwater photograph of a couple , the lady in blood red gown with a nice matching long piece of jewelers across her breast , her fiancé in a white outfit the color of their dress are in perfect harmony and the natural look in their face make the watery background so agreeable.

2) The couple is in a rather unusual posture of beauty and variance. The lady’s snow white dress and rosy complexion and her fiancĂ©’s black outfit are marvelously matching. The design created on the surface of the water by sun’s rays is reflected at the bottom of the pool giving an esoteric pattern resembling a long veil.

3) The couple is in a marine environment with some aquatic fish and animals. Their shiny dresses radiate extravagance and glamour. The flashy golden on the man’s dress adds beauty to it.

4) The couple is holding a bunch of purple flowers and green leaves that provides an exotic outlook radiating sun’s rays on her dress which enhances beauty and glamour.

5) They are in a different location and walking together wearing goggles and scuba diving equipment. The lady’s snow white feathery gown with a long tail and a reddish belt along with the male’s three piece suit in black and white stand out as a perfect blend.

6) They are seated on a coral grown bottom of a pool or the sea. Both are dress in pure white which contrasts bluish watery background elegantly.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Popular model, Muthu Imesha, dressed in five different and elegant saree displays her beauty in some vivid portrayals.

01)                In photography one, with a dignified looks and dressed in a dark saree, with a blue and   orange border she articulates the unaffected beauty of her countenance.
02)                       The second photography reveals her full figure, being dressed in a red color saree with a black color border etched with a pink design. The border is quite a blend with the saree and complexion.
03)                       Here, she has resorted to entirely different shade of pure white combined white combined with ashen squares of curved corner.
04)                       A rather cute positive showing the glamor of her body with a strapless jacket and a matching bluish chequered saree.  Her loose hair and white bead necklace emphasizes cuteness.
05)                       Again a cute but inexpressible look, being dressed in a lovely marine blue saree with shades of matching blue circles and a plain radiant blue jacket. The red and brown border goes well with the complexion, loose hair, and necklace.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Top Model Chula Kumarapathirana, adorns these photographs in various colorful dresses and live postures.

01)  In the first photographs Chula’s appearance reminds us of an Arabic lady. However she is dressed in a black saree with a border of an unusual bunch of brownish flowers.
02)  Chula, poses for a snapshot taken just at the entrance of a house. She wears wonderfully matching dark saree a brilliant bluish design. Her uncombed hair and complexion goes hand in hand with the greenery back drop.
03)  Chula unhesitatingly displays her beautiful figure in a narrow marine blue jacket and a saree worn in an unorthodox manner. Her bangles, Ornaments and the flowery design on the jacket together with her complexion further support her glamor. The depth and passion of her earnest glance is quite visible.
04)  She is standing in between a window and an open door. Chocolate brown wood provides a unique contrast to her. The filigree necklace adds a touch of beauty to her cute glance.
       05)She has chosen an entirely different background of reed partition. The saree has two difference colors of purple and yellow which are innocuous and in harmony with her skin color. loose worn hair and the filigree necklace which adds a touch of beauty to her cute outlook





Saturday, February 16, 2013


St .valentine Day, 14th February of each year is celebrated by the youth the world ever, especially by Christian in the west and some Asian countries like china Singapore and Thailand etc. All four snapshots are symbolic of st.valentine day spirit.

The first snap shot displays a store of red hearts and lady holding a bigger one the phrase I love Valentine’s Day is scrawled reflecting the message intended to send round. Her face has smudges of lip marks of kisses. The dress be fits her heir quite well.

The second one is an ornamental heart decked with various designs and the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” appear below suggestive of a common wish.

In the third one a model displays a dressed especially designed for St .valentine’s Day. The red dress with a dotted upper part is in the perfect harmony with her complexion and blond hair. Simple jewellery she wares adorns her beauty.

In the last one all three models in red dress holding red hearts appear in different postures with blond hair and fair complexion a radiant look emerges. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013


A photograph taken in the veranda of large house against the white Green and blue back drop. Her bust adorned with red and light purple dress is quite matching with hair color and complexion. Her hair strewn over her shoulder suggesting she is just after a bath add color and vitality to her appearance countenance too is suggestive of naturalness and unaffected glamour.

The same model with an almost unedited elegant pose revealing her full figure again, hair scattered over her shoulder looks uncombed. The upper part of the dress emphasizes her complexion. The lower part is of a dark blue of the former. The reckless with bluish and whitish shades is quite matching her dress and complexion her somewhat earnest glance draws our attention to the glamour of her appearance.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


These under water photographs were taken at the hotel Galadari pool. Colombo

In the first two snapshots the couple appears to be in a romantic embrace. Their facial expressions is so natural, not showing any marks of the rigidity of facial muscles in response to water pressure or suppression of breath. This naturalness of expression makes the photographs so authentic and sincere. Of the tow the lady looks more refreshed and responsive than her paramour. The blue water background lays stress on the couple, their dress being in perfect harmony with the back drop.

The third snapshot reveals them in the act of swimming, their complexion well contrasts with the bluish background. The forward motion of their bodies is quite visible and does not rob them of the serenity of the surrounding or their loving posture.

The last photograph has been taken in the same pool. The blue water are strewn with the petals of a light purple flower. Here the couple floats close to the surface of the water to allow the petals to mingle with their bodies. Again the facial expression too remains cool and natural.